Escorting in 4 different countries; How do different cultures see the sex industry? 

Countries differ in their cultures, customs, traditions and many other aspects. Sex is a vital factor and sensitive matter in many countries and cultures and we just talk about sexual intercourse between two humans so imagine how complicated the different branches of the sex industry can be?
This will help you see the legalization of the sex industry especially in different countries to realize how different cultures deal with it.

4. Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is an Islamic country so not just prostitution but also sex outside marriage is illegal and against religion. Pimping and brothel ownership are also illegal yet the statics say that the sex industry is spreading there.
The political situation plays a major role there. Taliban which is an Islamic movement that controlled the country until 2001 made it clear that if anyone had sex outside marriage, they will be dead immediately. When Taliban fell in 2001, the sex industry became more popular.
The law still criminalizes sex outside marriage and considers it a sin but the sex industry works hidden and kind of legalized.

3. Argentina:

Latin America’s escorts are the hottest in the world. Argentina legalizes prostitution and escorting yet brothels and pimping are crimes there.
AMMAR which is an association of escorts in Argentina claims the rights of escorts. AMMAR in Spanish means love and the association considers escorting a kind of love between the escort and the client for few hours.
The association expectations have no limits. It claimed with the right of having an official union of escorts and if the Argentinian government approved it, it will be one of the fewest unions of escorts in the whole world and will keep the rights of escorts in health and legal issues.

2. Mexico:

Escorting is legal and brothels are of limited legibility but both have restricted laws. Testing for prostitution is an essential step to have a license to work as an escort. The testing includes medical examination for sexually transmitted diseases, vaccinations and health education about the dangers of being an escort physically and psychologically. For brothels, the license is given when the brothel meets all the standards. If an escort or a brothel practices prostitution without a license, they face stiff fines and may lose their businesses too.
These laws make the escorting business flourish in Mexico. Nearly 5000 women are tested to join the sex industry and as long as the brothel follows the law, the business goes well.
The only problem that faces the Mexican system is the follow up. Once escorts take their licenses, they never come back for regular follow up on their health. This problems leads to a lot of health problems especially cervical cancer.

1. Egypt:

Egypt is an Islamic country but it is supposed to be less restricted than countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia yet this is not quite true. The Egyptian law does not only criminalize prostitution and brothel but also sex outside marriage. The Mass media in Egypt is so judgmental that a hug between a guy and his girlfriend made the community so angry.
Prostitution was legalized in Egypt until the military coup in 1952.



Porn Stars, Escorting and the Sex Industry

The sex industry has many aspects; porn, escorting, sex shops and others. The first thing that comes in mind when we mention porn stars and escorting is that porn stars definitely work as escorts too. Well this is not quite true as there are a lot of porn stars who work in the pornographic industry only and do not do escorting. There are some porn stars of course who work in the two branches of the sex industry; porn and escorting so let’s find out everything about them.

• The prices:

Well, the price of the escort who is a porn star is so high but it is not as high as it was until 2007 and let me tell you the story.
Until 2007, porn was not that popular. It was on sex tapes which were hard to be found or purchase. After the widespread of internet, Wi-Fi and smartphones, porn sites have become so popular.
Until 2007, the price of hiring a porn star as an escort reached up to 3,000 dollars per hour. This number is so high but it was fair. Imagine that you are having sex with the one who has been in the sex tape who you actually had a dream of having sex with her.
After 2007, the prices have been lower than that. You can hire a porn star now for 1000 dollars and sometimes for 500 dollars per hour. I know it is still higher than escorts that work as escorts only but it is worth the money.

• Where to find porn stars to hire?

The easiest way to find porn stars to hire as escorts is online. There is a section in some websites (ex: https://toronto.craigslist.ca/, long-island-escorts.com) for porn stars that you can hire as escorts. Just click on the link, choose a porn star and contact with her/him. Some brothels deal with porn stars and some escort agents have the numbers of some porn stars who you can hire as an escort. Just call an escort agent, arrange a meeting with him/her, choose the porn star that you want to have a night with and let the agent arrange everything.



• Reviews:

Well, reviews here are so easy to find. Just log in any porn website and search for the porn star that you will hire. You will find some comments that you can read and ratings for her/his porn movies. Of course you should be convinced that this porn star is perfect for you to spend the night with her/him not just sexually so you may want to read some reviews about the porn star as an escort too.

• Why would you hire a porn star as an escort?

It is kind of psychologically connected to TV. We all had been raised on television and had dreams of having sex with the actresses that do sex scenes on the screen. It is the same idea; you will have sex with a porn star who has been on the screen too.

The High Risk of Cervical Cancer among Female Escorts

Cancer cervix is among the most common diseases that affect sexually active women and men who have sexual contact with these women. Who is more sexually active than female escorts? I guess the answer is none.
The virus responsible for getting cancer cervix infection is the HPV which has many types that do not cause any problems and can be eradicated easily while some types persist, progress and cause cancer cervix.
HPV can be transmitted by any type of sex; anal, oral, penetrative and even skin-to-skin sexual contact. Nearly all the cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV.
If you work as a female escort, you need to be aware of everything regarding cervical cancer. This information will help you a lot.

• Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer:


The story of cervical cancer starts with a certain types of HPVs (Type 16 and 18). Infection with the rest of types resolve spontaneously but these two types can lead to precancerous lesions if their infections left untreated. The precancerous lesions will lead to cancers.
The problem with cervical cancer is that its symptoms appear at an advanced stage. The main symptoms are:
• Abnormal bleeding form the vagina after sex.
• Abnormal vaginal bleeding between the menstrual cycles.
• General fatigue and loss of appetite that leads to weight loss.
• General pain especially back pain, leg pain and pelvic pain.
• Swollen legs.
• Offensive vaginal discharge.

• Why do escorts have a high risk of getting cervical cancers?

As we said, there is a risk of having an HPV infection from the moment that the woman becomes sexually active. HPV infections resolve spontaneously and the two dangerous types take about 15 years to develop to cancer.
Escorts have sex more than normal persons and this increase the risk of cancer and reducing the time of cancer development.
Escorts also may suffer from the high risk of HIV infections which lead to weakness of their immunity. With the weak immunity, the rate of development of the cancer increases.



• HPV treatment:

Since HPV infections endanger the whole sex industry not only escorting, the infections have vaccinations that are 70% effective.
The vaccinations are recommended for the women who will work in the sex industry whether they will work as escorts, porn stars or whatever. Some women who have a family history of having cervical cancers should take the vaccinations once they are sexually active.
Clinical trials’ results are amazing and show that the vaccines are effective against HPV infections and HPV-infections associated diseases like cervical cancers. The re-searches in this area are spectacular and groups of researchers have been working on these results since the problem were first emerged among prostitutes during the last century.
The treatment also is effective against infections in males too so male escorts can take it as a protective procedure.
WHO recommends taking the vaccination between 9 and 13 years old as during this age, the vaccine will be effective and will save a lot of money too.
Screening programs should be applied especially among escorts and women who have high risk of getting the infection for early detection and treatment.

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